Sunday, July 29, 2012

Need more Water!

So, fun stuff... still losing - coworkers comment on my weight loss especially around my waist. Measurements say I should be a size 8 tops now at LuluLemon!  And my riding tights seem to be loosening just a bit and my saddle feels "bigger" strangely. Maybe it's just my imagination though hah.

I made some awesome Tandoori, Butter and Coconut Curry Chicken recipes - I disliked the butter chicken but gave it to my coworker and he looooooved it. Then a bunch of ladies who taste tested asked me to come make dinner for them. lol, nice!

But all that good cooking distracted me from the MOST IMPORTANT THING - to drink water!  I have a bright pink BIOS bottle that is 32oz/1L and was drinking that twice a day but then went down to almost nothing. DAMMIT GIRL I said to myself, get back on track! So I am...

I am fluxuating at 154-155.8 so just need to focus more. FOCUS IS EVERYTHING!  It's been 1.5months on this now and I just need to up my focus and not get distracted or caught without water or some protein snack.  I am realizing how important it is to really have your meals prepared DAYS in advance, at least knowledge wise as it's easy to forget and just have PV days in a row when it should be alternating everyday. 

I should post some pics, any ideas?  A big glass of water? Hhaha.  I like my water ICE COLD, how do you like yours? Everyone is different it seems!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quarter of the way there! More than 10 gone!!!!!

Hello reader! 

Quick update, still doing great on my Cruise phase!  I wish there were a benchmark for time that I could go by but it's now in the 4th (or is it 5th? omg) week and today, July 18 I weighed in like I do every morning (hah and sometimes when I return from work, I'm so scale obsessed... in a good way!) and was an AMAZING 156.4lbs!!! That's 11.1 lbs down so far!  I am over the moon! I can't wait until 15lbs down because then I'm 5 away from halfway there!  It feels like it's coming so fast...

It inspires me even more to be firm and stick to not caving in to distraction foods like... baby shower cupcakes for my coworker haha or McDonalds that someone is eating and wants me to have a fry. NO WAY JOSE!  

Lots of people at work, who see me daily, tell me they notice the loss in size, though it's really NOT that much but it's getting there I guess. I haven't dropped a dress/pants size EXCEPT in my breeches but those were riding tights that probably run large and I'd never tried on before so I have no idea if I would have fit into them before starting on this awesome journey.  I can't wait until I DO need to get new pants, that will be a wondrous victory, a very special one. 
And I'm looking forward to a wedding that is in a couple weeks. I'm hoping I'll have dropped AT LEAST another 5lbs by Aug 4 because it'd be great to look stunning for the guy I'm going with but hey... I'll be happy with what I get, I just want to focus on making sure I keep willpower and the diet on track.

Which, by the way, I've messed up a few times. I will be honest because I feel that's what other people researching the Dukan Diet need to hear, what real people go through. I've messed up and had more PV (protein, veggies) days and wondered why the loss stalled - had a PP (pure protein) day and it starts going down again. So be sure to be diligent on it, but giving your body an extra PV day or whatever doesn't hurt. Just no carbs! I am on the 1:1 except for most weekends because I'm often with others/out of house and it's VERY hard to find tasty non-home-cooked protein meals.

Oh, please read my other blog! it has a WONDERFUL recipe for Dukan Burgers! MUST LIKE MUSHROOMS though haha.

Anyways, that's enough,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dukan update! Normal foods!

I'm actually really surprised how well I'm doing so far.  This diet has given me no urges, no cravings, no break of will power. I make decisions and ensure if the decision HAS to be a bad one (I will not give myself an excuse, but if I have NO options - so rare) then I am just that much more diligent with water and post-decision food/Attack phase choices. 

I used to be RULED by cravings, about as intense as a pregnant woman's I imagine... They once led me (pre Dukan) to eating 4 days worth of Chinese food, because I couldn't say "No".  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Let me tell you, that third day of the same food... it was tough, the fourth day... I was begging for spaghetti or ANYTHING else. Haha.

But I've been experimenting on trying to do the Cruise Phase with as NORMAL, carb-esque meals that others could possibly eat.  Yesterday was a Unique dinner night (Turkey Apple Butternuts - on my other blog), and Today I had cooked shrimp in a creamy cocktail sauce, but made in advance for tomorrow's meals a YUMMY (hopefully) Carb-free Shepherd's Pie. 

I used Fauxtatoes (puree'd cauliflower), sauteed cabbage, steamed carrots, canned chopped green beans and mushroom sauce for the gravy in the lean ground beef.  A bit of cheddar too under the fauxtatoes and hopefully this will be a YUMMY meal!  Enough for like 5 meals probably! If good, will freeze it! MMM
But I'll need to figure out how to make the puree a bit more thick, may look for some Ketatoes if they have those out here in BC.

But great news! Everyone at work has been commenting on seeing the weight come off... but it really hasn't been that much. I kind of regret telling people because then maybe there'd be more surprise, I love surprise! haha. It's like a mini Christmas on any day right?!  But even boy said he thought I felt smaller around my waist. My boobs seem to fit into my bra a bit better, which is always nice. And the too small work pants now EASILY fit.  I can't wait til I can fit into various "too-small" skirts that I have!

Friday, July 6, 2012


So I'm in the middle-start of the Cruise phase, I do this til October, and so far I've been REALLY GOOD.
At my boss's work retirement they were serving TONS of cake, nanaimo bars, cookies, sweets, chips, pop, etc and I passed on it ALL.  At our department retirement party for her I had a taco salad (YUM) and a SMALL piece of cake, because I felt bad that I wasn't going to have ANY in celebration of her.

No harm no foul that time! I continued on my regime :)  Then I went camping, and took a TON of food - veggies and meat. I had lots of booze though and didn't drink enough water so I'm guessing that stalled my weightloss.  I had ONE hot dog and 2 marshmallows. SO I call that a success for 3 days with 3 other very bad influences. GO ME, I feel like superwoman!

I have decided my "treat" should be a slice of DARK chocolate if anything.  I hate milk and white chocolates and this satisfies any sugar type need I may have. I don't have it every day either.

I have lost about 2lbs now the week back from camping. WOOT, which is a total of 7.7lbs lost since I started!!!!  I am now under the 160s!  I can't wait til I can say I'm under the 150s but that seems forever from now. 

If anyone has any tips on how to make a dough properly out of oat bran/flour that'd be great to give me!! I have NO IDEA how to use yeast... lol

Anyways, I'm starved, forgot to go grocery shopping for breakfast so better get off the net and get foooood. Foooooood!

Wish me weight loss wishes, I'd like to see 155 very soon :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dukan Cruise days

So no update in a while. Last week I was starting the Cruise phase, having salads for lunches, and made curry tofu stirfry for dinner... good good..
Then Sunday happened and the BF wanted to eat at White Spot. I wanted to go buy eggs and ham for breakfast but he wanted lunch foods. Well White Spot has terrible options for healthy and no carb meals, also their "healthy" meals are all chicken. Talk about lame, it'd be nice to have a meal out that's not CHICKEN as if CHICKEN is something all around healthy. Cmon corporations - think outside the box!  Shrimp, FISH, Crab, lean steaks! TOFU! Why aren't restaurants learning how to serve TOFU dishes?  I mean it's 2012!!! You should have learned well enough by now! 

Oh well, so I had an off day and splurged. BUT it was the only meal I had all day, split into two meals. Seemed reasonable for a failure day.  Back on the diet Monday. Had a veggie/protein day (taco salad for lunch with no rice/beans) and had spaghetti squash and some chicken for dinner, had AllBran buds with skim milk for breakfast.

Today I decided to have an all protein day, til dinner. I wanted to finish off the spaghetti squash I had already cooked.  Had that and some shrimp in low calorie Miracle whip with a small amount of HP sauce and Ketchup.

Then I made a pizza. For tomorrow!  I made the crust with oat bran chopped in a coffee grinder and some Surghum flour and activated yeast... first time making a dough.
Baked it for 15mins or so at 375.
Then added stuff. See my other blog.

I don't think I've lost any new weight, so any Dukan tips would really help here.  *sigh* Gonna keep trying to stick with it.  As long as it's 1-4lbs per week I'll be happy.
I also find I lose more weight from a veggie/protein day, but gain on a Pure Protein day... HELP?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tzatziki update

So day 1 of the Cruise phase!  VEGGIIIIIEEEEESSS!! YAY =D

Can you tell I've missed them?
Honestly there was no craving of them, just missing a different texture as to me all protein has a similar type of texture.  Today's diet followed as:
2Tbsp Allbran buds (I know, but wasn't a lot and I felt it helped) with skim milk
Vanilla 0%MF Greek Yogurt

Poached Salmon leftovers
Garden salad with SPICY PINEAPPLE DRESSING (confirmed non fat, 1 carb)

Cheese wedges (that yummy wheel of varied Gruyere)
Smoked deli Turkey (low sodium, non fat)
Greek Yogurt as above
Sliced Cucumbers

Grilled herbed Steak
Steamed spinach
Baked Herbed eggplant
Homemade nonfat Tzatziki!!!

So a good day for food, tomorrow is a Protein ONLY day, but I'll be adding some Tzatziki for my steak to eat at lunch.

This morning was pretty tough as I got on the scale and didn't lose a pound. I stayed the same at 164lbs. However, when I got home from work, I had a bathroom break and weighed myself and was still 164! I do wonder what that means :) Hoping for a loss! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 6 Attack

So it's the last day of the Attack Phase for me.
Woke up this morning to stable weight, no gain or loss.  Sad :(  I'm hoping I'll dump some weight today then.

I'm wondering if it's from the Tofu I ate that I pan fried in Hoisin and Sweet Chili sauce... probably is as those have some carbs and sodium.  We shall see. I really didn't find it that hard doing 100% protein for 6 days, the first two were definitely trouble and an ordeal, but like I said - I grew up Vegetarian/Vegan, this TONS of protein is a bit new to me.  Oh as is the Diarrhea... Don't do super spicy foods while you are on this diet because it totally clears through you.

Today I made a big BOO BOO! I didn't bring enough food with me for lunch! Damnit!  So today I need to make sure I have food for tomorrow, which I think I'll be fine as I get to have salad and other veggies. Wheee!

During the attack phase I ate a lot of greek yogurt (no fruit), chicken, some fish and shrimp, and some steak.  Also, when I could I made the delicious scrambled eggs in my other blog. Mmmmm. Now I have some salmon, mixed wheat bran with greek yogurt and soy milk (ew, it wasn't THAT great..) and some steak and chicken leftover to make. But I can't wait for the veggies!  MMMMM

So ask me any questions you may have, I'll share what I can from my experiences.  Now it's bedtime so wish me luck that I've lost some for tomorrow's visit with the scales.  :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Welcome, an Intro to Me, DD!

I'm going to blog, hopefully frequently, about my journey losing weight and changing my eating habits for the rest of my life.
A bit about me:  
I will go by DD, a nickname my grandpa gave me after my favorite lesson horse as a child.
I'm a late 20s female who is (as of Wednesday June 13, 2012) over 40lbs overweight. It all started when my mother passed away due to metastasized breast cancer after a 2 year battle and a mastectomy, chemo and radiation.  The stress from her death and the prior to death beginning of my working life, at 17 at Pizza Hut, helped me along the very easy road of mourning, weight gain, self destruction, self loathing, fear, anxiety, and low discipline.  I was raised a vegetarian with the occasional meat snuck in when my mother was not watching at various family functions. At 15 I was given the choice to eat meat and I leapt for the chance.  At the time I began working at Pizza Hut I was also able to drive and thus, eat fast food, also often eating fries and such from the school cafeteria.  I chose this as all through elementary school and junior high I was mocked for my lunches, being "different" and oftentimes odorous (thanks mom!) however they were very healthy.

After my mother's passing, not much wholesome cooking was done at home.  I often ate TV dinners, Sidekicks, pasta with prepared tomato sauces, McDonalds, pizza, etc. I started gaining weight quickly, though I tried not to notice. I wholly believe one should love themselves at any point in their lives, but I turned a blind eye mostly to my weight problems. Depression was a companion, though I did not realize this then.  Being depressed created a need to fill the void; the void was filled with my then boyfriend, my pets and food.  In 2005-2006 I topped close to 180lbs for my 5'2 3/4" whitegirl (but bootylicious) frame.  My boyfriend broke up with me, after a 4 year relationship. Understandably, he wanted a release from this depressing overweight bitch I had let myself sink to, he had grown to need something else. We had grown apart.  And he is one of the top reasons I survived and changed my life, if I could I would be thanking him for allowing me to face my fears and faults.  I sunk to a deep depression, realizing that for the first time in my life I was TRULY alone, for I had started my relationship with that boyfriend just after my mother passed. But out of those ashes of the burned out relationship I rose, after some time, with some of the depression and anxiety causing a 15lb weight loss.  That was wonderful, but it stopped there.

Now, 10 years after my mother's passing and in preparation to shave my head down to the skin in remembrance of her 10year anniversary in October I really need to lose the 40lbs!  After attempting to eat SUPER healthy - cut out fast food, only cooked at home, - exercising, went to bootcamp and then the attempt with the HCG drops (SUCH A SCAM! works but DOESN'T), I went to see my doctor - bloodtests came back clear! - she prescribed me the Dukan Diet. I went right after that appointment and bought his book.  I am now into day 5 of the Attack Phase and have lost 3.5lbs so far.

So that is about me, I will post again about my first 5-6 days on the Attack Diet, and Tuesday I will have veggies! YAY! So stay tuned, let's do this journey together.